Buddies at The River

Marley and my paths crossed in the summer of 2010 when I had returned from spear gun fishing on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Marley, a three-year-old Goldendoodle, rarely left his house and because I was swimming at the South Yuba River (The River) every day, I began to take Marley with me. A great bond began to grow between us immediately – so much so that a close friend once said to me, with distinction, that Marley was my dog. I reminded him that Marley was NOT mine and he replied, not for long…

After some months together, Marley was offered to live a bachelor life with me, since then we continue to forge a strong friendship. Marley Rocks! He is the Coolest Ever!  We have a great time together, we live on five acres just minutes from our favorite river where Marley roams without being caged or leashed, Marley is a FREE dog!

I have learned many lessons from Marley and truly value our bond. We greatly enjoy our time shared together at The River swimming, playing fetch and visiting with friends.

Marley is my best little Buddy and now I could not imagine my life with out him!

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