Why Z-CoiLs are the only shoes I will wear

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In 2010 my extreme lower back pain was ruining the quality of my life.

I was paralyzed in a motorcycle accident in 1995 having burst fractured the L1 and T12 vertebrae. I have two Titanium Harrington rods that run parallel up my spine that protect those two vertebrae. Z-CoiLs take up to 50% of the compression off my spine. Now that I am a recovered walking paraplegic, I will take all the help available to make each step easier!

Also, during a reconstruction surgery in 1997, a half-inch of my femur was removed from the bone on my right leg. Since that surgery, I was forced to wear a lift in my shoe. The lift would cause my ankle to rise up out of the shoe and it would also cause my lower back to twist so slightly.

With Z-CoiL’s state-of-the-art design, a spacer can be inserted between the bottom of the heel and the coil. I now walk perfectly even without twisting my back. It did take some time to become accustomed to wearing Z-CoiLs with such a high lift and spacer, however, after a few months I noticed my lower back pain started to diminish, each month it improved and now, two years later, the pain that nearly destroyed my life is almost non-existent.

Today, I would not want to imagine my life with out them. Thank you Z-CoiL… I will never wear another shoe!




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